In Italian, Beccofino is a term used to describe someone that has ‘good taste’. What we ate at Beccofino is the best tasting Italian meal I have ever had in Tampa. Antonio and Elizabeto create something magical by transporting you to Italy. From the atmosphere, the food, to the care they put into the experience at their restaurant. I was convinced if I walked outside I would be back in Italy staring at the Tuscan countryside. 

As if the food alone is not the most impressive, I was fascinated by the bbq pit turned wine cellar full of delicious cured meats and extensive wine collection inside. I write this review straight from my heart, because I believe you can not just eat good food and not talk about it.

Chef Poh Ling Yeow said it best “The thing I absolutely love about food is it’s a common thread that connects us no matter what culture we come from.”

I believe one of the best ways to experience a culture is through it’s food!

Antonio and Elizabeto make you feel like family, my husband and I spent 4 hours with them without even realizing the time passing by. When my husband and I visited Italy, we thoroughly enjoyed that dining there is all about the fellowship of the people you are with and taking your time to enjoy the food presented to you. We mentioned how much we enjoyed this to Antonio and Elizabeta, and Antonio said the one word to describe Italian dining is: Balance. Balance in portions, the experience, and the ingredients. Beccofino makes EVERYTHING in house and Antonio even let us choose a wine from his private stash (don’t tell him I told you that). I may have shed a tear with how delicious the wine was. There is a rich history in each dish that is prepared, which we appreciated learning as we ate.

From the cheeses, to cured meats, pasta, limoncello, desserts, all of it is handmade! You can feel the love put into every dish just by how excited Antonio and Elizabeta are when they serve it to you. Greg and I came to Beccofino to celebrate our wedding anniversary and they lovingly popped a bottle of prosecco with us to celebrate marriage together. I love food because it brings people together and I think you can feel it through the food when someone puts their heart into it. Antonio and Elizabeta created a memorable experience for my husband and I. Below are some of the items we tried.

What we ate:

Calabria Salame and Cheese, Stracciatella Cheese, Cacio E Pepe, Variety of Grilled Meats (Lamb, Duck, Sirloin), and finished with Torta Della Nona!

We also tried some Limoncello, but the Limoncello is not pictured because we said cin cin and it was gone! Absolutely delicious!

Now more than ever it is so important to support local businesses, so if you are looking for a ‘legit’ (Antonio said I wasn’t allowed use the word authentic) Italian experience, choose Beccofino!!

You can make a reservation here:

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