I have a specific go to outfit combination when hiking during the summer and wanted share some of my go to hiking outfits with links of course!

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My go to combination is a long sports bra, waterproof hiking shorts (or pants depending where we are hiking) and a UV Resistant long sleeve button up. For amjority of the hike I am in my highwaisted hiking shorts and long sports bra but when I feel the sun burning down on my shoulders I pop on my long sleeve button up to give myself some extra cover from the sun! I share below the links to my go to hiking gear for tops, bottoms, socks, and boots!

Long Sports Bra:

I have this long sports bra in three different colors and will continue to add to my collection because it is the most comfortable fit and the best quality!

Hiking Shorts/Pants:

UV Resistant Long Sleeve Button Up

The reason I always include a long sleeve button up is because in the ehat of summer sometimes no matter how much sunscreen you put on you can feel the effects on your skin, especially shoulders. These shirts are so breathable and I usually wear them unbuttoned so they protect my arms and shoulders but are still a cool option in the summer.

Good Quality Socks

Since moving to New England I have been turned to Darn Tough socks. We have them for all seasons and they are the best quality hiking socks in my opinion. They are priced higher per pair for socks but they come with a lifetime warranty! If they are still out of your price range I have included another option for socks I use that are good quality as well and come in cute colors.

Hiking Boots

I will never stop hyping up these hiking boots. They are durable, economical, and have taken me on so many adventures! They are a classic hiking boot and as someone who rolls my ankle way too often when hiking the ankle support is a must!

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