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Looking for your next great romance read to sit out on a picnic blanket and indulge in this spring and summer? Whether you’re lounging in the park, sipping on iced coffee at your favorite café, or simply curling up at home, there’s nothing quite like getting lost in a captivating love story. From enchanting historical romances to sizzling contemporary tales, the world of romance literature offers something for every reader’s taste. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a curated list of romance book recommendations that are perfect for the spring season of 2024. So grab your favorite blanket, brew a cup of tea, and prepare to fall head over heels in love with these delightful reads! A friend recommended The Summer of Broken Rules and I am already halfway through it, it’s so good!

“The Lost Apothecary” by Sarah Penner

    A blend of historical fiction and contemporary storytelling, this novel intertwines the stories of a hidden apothecary in 18th-century London and a present-day woman in search of answers about her past.

      “People We Meet on Vacation” by Emily Henry

      A delightful rom-com about two polar opposite best friends who take annual vacations together, exploring their complicated relationship over the years.

      “The Dating Playbook” by Farrah Rochon

      This charming romance follows a former NFL player turned relationship coach who finds himself falling for the woman he’s supposed to be helping find love.

      “The Soulmate Equation” by Christina Lauren

      In a near-future setting, this novel explores the idea of a scientific approach to finding love through a DNA matchmaking service, with unexpected results.

      The Summer of Broken Rules by K.L. Walther

      “The Summer of Broken Rules” by K.L. Walther is a captivating summer romance that follows Meredith, who reluctantly agrees to spend the summer at her family’s beach house after a difficult breakup. Determined to avoid any romantic entanglements, Meredith devises a set of rules to protect her heart. However, her plans are thrown into disarray when she meets the charming and mysterious Eli. As Meredith navigates her growing feelings for Eli and confronts her past, she learns the power of forgiveness, the importance of taking risks, and the beauty of second chances. Set against the backdrop of a picturesque seaside town, “The Summer of Broken Rules” is a poignant and uplifting story about love, healing, and the joys of embracing life’s unexpected twists and turns.

      “Second First Impressions” by Sally Thorne

      From the author of “The Hating Game” comes a quirky and heartwarming romance set in a retirement community, where an uptight manager finds herself drawn to a tattooed, motorcycle-riding tenant.

      Act Your Age, Eve Brown” by Talia Hibbert

      The final installment in the “Brown Sisters” trilogy, this book follows the free-spirited Eve Brown as she clashes with a grumpy B&B owner who needs her help but doesn’t want to admit it.

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