Portland, Maine is a foodie’s haven. There are restaurant options for cuisines from all around the world. Not to mention it is in ideal spot if you are looking for an infamous Lobster Roll! We visited Portland in Mid-January in pursuit of trying our first Lobster Roll in Maine. We tried a few while we were there and lots of other Maine lobster-filled food!


Pai Men Miyake

We arrived Friday evening and got takeout to enjoy at our Airbnb from Pai Men Miyake. I tried the Lobster Ramen and my husband tried the Duck Ramen. Both were delicious and they came in the coolest takeout containers I have ever seen! The broth was in the bottom bowl and the noodles/toppings were in a separate dry container on top. It ensures that the noodles and toppings stay fresh until you are ready to eat.

Luke’s Lobster

This was probably my favorite meal we had while in Portland. Maybe because it was after our Airbnb fiasco (I gave the full story on my tiktok here ). I ordered a lobster flight and a dirty chai (with rum in it YUM). The truffle honey lobster roll was by far my favorite out of all the lobster rolls I tried this trip. The truffle did not overpower the taste of the lobster only enhanced it. Plus, you can’t beat the view from this restaurant!

Old Port Sea Grill & Raw Bar

To be honest, we may have only chosen this restaurant because of how the manager responds to reviews on Google. If you want some entertainment for the afternoon, go check them out. We thoroughly enjoyed our cocktails, oysters, and lobster filled food! The restaurant has a lovely ambiance right in the Old Port.


Tandem Coffee & Bakery

We picked Tandem Coffee because online it said they were open for seating but when we arrived it was only takeout. Likely due to the recent Covid spike, which is totally understandable. We waited outside for our biscuits and coffee and ate them in the car together. The biscuit sandwiches surprised me, they’re incredibly good. I stole a bite from my husbands who got the chorizo on his and I wish I would have added it to mine. If you visit Tandem, don’t make my mistake, get chorizo on your breakfast sammy!

The Standard Baking Company

Pan Au Chocolate is my go-to pastry. When I studied abroad in Italy my breakfast every morning was a Cappuccino and a Pan Au Chocolate. Whenever I see it in a bakery, it begs me to order it. The one I got from Standard Baking was divine. My husband got a pastry that was a cinnamon roll and croissant crossover. I heated them up when we got back to our accommodations and it smelled heavenly.

Omi’s Coffee Shop

I have been on a Lavender Latte kick lately and Omi’s Lavender Latte did not disappoint. The coffee shop was a little eclectic building we happened to pass after looking at Portland Head Lighthouse.

The Holy Donut

We ordered an assortment of donuts: chai, peppermint chocolate, maple bacon and chocolate. The Holy Donut is known for using wholesome ingredients and all of the donuts I tried were delicious! I think the chai was my favorite.

Things To Do

Walk Around Old Port

The weekend we visited Portland, Maine was extremely chilly so we did not spend so much time exploring the Old Port area but we did walk around a bit. There are tons of shops and restaurants to peruse in this scenic part of town.

Visit Portland Head Lighthouse

While we visited the Portland Head Lighthouse, the wind speeds were astronomically. The waves near the lighthouse were crashing into the shore which was a neat sight to see but not so pleasant for the face. Regardless, the lighthouse is so majestic we braved through the wind so we could get a glimpse of it up close.

Portland Breakwater Light (Bug Light)

The Bug Light is smaller in comparison to the Portland Head Lighthouse but equally as neat. The lighthouse was built in 1875, you can read more about its history here: South Portland Website.

Walk Along Willard Beach

As I mentioned with the Portland Head Lighthouse, the wind was absolutely ripping so we went for a short walk on Willard Beach. You can see how absolutely chilly it was in my tik tok video here:

The beach is about 4 acres and from what we understood it is popular among locals. It is tucked behind a neighborhood and is nice for a stroll by the water. I imagine it is busy in the summer time!

Our trip was cut short because of our Airbnb fiasco and inclement weather but we will definitely be returning so I look forward to adding to this guide when we do!

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