Hygge: a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

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Ever since visiting Denmark, I have tried to incorporate “hygge” into my daily life. It is a defining characteristic of the Danish and important aspect of their culture. It is much more than just books, cozy blankets, and candles; but those items contribute to creating hygge.

I am experiencing my first real Winter having moved from sunny-all-the-time Florida to New Hampshire. I have a new found appreciation for hygge, especially its importance in the wintertime. My goal is to have a hygge home and my mornings are a sacred part of my daily routine.

Everyone’s mornings will look different but I want to describe my morning routine to help inspire or invite you to create your own. Morning routines set your day up to be successful and adding some hygge to that really takes it to another level.

Here are a few of my favorite aspects of my morning routine:

A Great Devotional or Book

Starting my morning with a devotional or educational book is an integral part of my hygge morning routine. It gives me something to ponder during my day and start my day on the right foot. Whether you are spiritual or are looking to grow as a person, here are some books I have enjoyed reading during my mornings:

Coffee + Tea

My husband makes our coffee every morning but I am the early riser. I usually get up, go to they gym, and then settle in to read for the morning. Some mornings I have a cup of tea before my cup of coffee, there is just something so nice about sipping a warm drink while reading. My favorite tea lately has been this lavender tea:


Gentle Music

The ambience is EVERYTHING! I have countless cozy music playlists saved on Spotify but my favorite way to set ambience is using YouTube videos that have scenes and music. There are even ones if you want to set the mood for reading popular books (harry potter, outlander, star wars etc). I will link my cozy hygge YouTube playlist. I also have one specifically for fall on my channel playlists as well!


Candles not only provide soft light but also if you choose right give a warm atmosphere with scent. I use two types of candles, the first is ones I pick up from the candle aisle in TJ Maxx. The other is remote controlled candles, they even have timers too. I will link the ones I use below. I love them for soft light in the morning but it is also perfect at night to set the timer for them to shut off when I go to bed.


Journaling in the morning is usually paired with whatever book I am reading at the time. In addition, it helps me to write down my prayers as my mind can get very sidetracked. Writing them down also is nice when I look back in my journal to reflect. If you have difficulty journaling without a guide, there are so many journals out there that include prompts like this one:

How do you create a hygge morning routine? Drop a comment below with how you add hygge to your mornings or if you try out one of my suggestions!

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