Looking for the perfect gift for the avid adventurer in your life? Whether you are holiday shopping for family, friends, or looking for ideas for your own wish list; this list is full of gift ideas for travelers.

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Many of these items I do not leave home without every time I go on a trip. There is a range in prices so if you are looking to stuff a stocking or get someone you love dearly a big gift, there are plenty of options!

This is my list of gift ideas for travelers in 2021, hopefully you find a gift for that special traveler in your life!

Under $25

1. Travel Jewelry Case

You can protect your jewelry while on the go with this compact jewelry case. I used to just not bring jewelry with me on trips for fear of losing it or damaging it so having a travel jewelry case gives the traveler in your life a central location to put all their jewelry items.

2. Perfume/Cologne Atomizer

Some colognes and perfumes are sold in travel sizes but not all, so a travel size atomizer is a great option for filling it with your specific scent. They are easy to use and fill and this one is stylish with many color options. It fits easily in your pocket or in a toiletry bag. This is a great stocking stuffer, gift by itself, or you could pair it with a full size perfume or cologne!

3. Portable Battery Pack

I never leave home without this battery pack when I travel or if I am going to have a long day out and about. It is sleek and it holds a long charge. The USB ports make it easy to charge different electronic devices.

4. Airline Gift Card

Airline gift cards are a great gift idea especially if you know which airline the gift recipient frequently uses. This is also a great gift idea if you know a family member will be traveling during the holidays because it will definitely be useful!

5. The Best American Travel Writing Book: 2021 Edition

I refrained buying this for myself because I wanted to add it to my Christmas wish list! I have so been looking forward to reading this book, it is a collection of essays from authors about their travels all over the world.

6. Passport Holder With Vaccine Card Slot

For international jetsetters, having your vaccine card handy is a must. These passport holders come with a slot to put your card in right next to your passport so that your important documents are easily accessible.

Over $50

7. Portable Tripod

Having a compact tripod is an essential for travel especially if you travel solo! This tripod is amazing quality, compact yet versatile and fits easily in a carry-on bag.

8. Jabra Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless headphones are great for travelers, gym goers, or just to have for work during the day. I like having my headphones for plane and train rides. The Jabra headphones allow you to block out noise or let external noise come in with the press of a button. This is great for flights because I can listen to the intercom when needed.

9. Kindle Paperwhite

One of the electronic items I never travel without, I love my kindle paperweight. It is slim, light, and I can download tons of books and articles to read while I travel. I usually go through 1-2 books depending on how long my flights are so having them as e-books saves space in my bag!

10. Osprey Porter 46 Carry-on Backpack

I LOVE my Osprey backpack, I will never stop recommending it because it is durable, spacious, and really comfortable. This gift is in the higher price range but worth the investment for having a reliable carry-on bag.


11. AirBnB Online Experiences

I am not an affiliate for Airbnb, I have just done these online experiences and it was so fun! You can take cooking classes, take a city tour, yoga classes, and so much more. The classes are pretty affordable too depending what you choose! This would be a great present for a family or to do with a friend because you can purchase whole class times or just an individual spot!

12. Online Cooking Class

Does the travel lover in your life constantly talk about one specific trip that they loved? Maybe it was Italy? or France? Sign them up for an online cooking class for a dish native to that country! The homemade Miso Ramen class is on my Christmas wish list this year!

Do you have any other ideas for gifts for the adventurer in your life? Drop them in the comments!

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