Below are some of my favorite travel and outdoorsy amazon finds for 2021 so far! We are going on a day hiking trip to visit some national parks and I needed some new gear so I researched online and read through amazon reviews. The items I chose have all been highly rated so I am looking forward to testing them out!

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission 🙂

Day Hiking Backpack

I own an Osprey Porter 46 that I use as my carry-on for packing and I wanted a smaller day hiking backpack to use for our hikes. I especially wanted it to have a water hydration bladder (hello summer heat!). This bag is highly reviewed on Amazon, I bought one for me and one for my husband. It has ample space and the hydration bladder pocket is actually insulated so it will keep your water cool for up to 4 hours!

Columbia Womens Hiking Boots

The only item that was relatively *expensive* were the hiking boots. I did wait to buy them until there was a coupon available so they totaled around $79. Comparatively to other hiking shoes I looked at, Columbia seems to be the best rated and reasonably priced. There were some other brands that were lower cost, but they did not have as extensive of reviews.

Portable Power Supply

We have a portable power supply but it is on its last lifeline so I decided to pre-emptively grab one of amazon. I especially like power banks for long haul travel because it alleviates the worry of a dead phone in case you are lost or need to contact someone! Additionally, I love taking pictures so I can make sure my phone/camera are charged when we are on the go for our adventures!

Athletic Dupe Joggers

I am a big fan of joggers, especially as part of my airport outfit! These pants are so comfy and they have big yet slim pockets so I can fit my phone in them without it being uncomfortable. The stitching seems to be good quality and the material is great for athletic activity.

Athletic Dupe Sports Bra

Another great find was this athletic dupe sports bra. It is very comfortable and flattering. I can wear it by itself with high waisted leggings/pants or layered underneath another shirt. This is convenient because I try to just pack in a carry on so it gives me two different outfit options with one piece of clothing!

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