About Me

About me

My Story

I started traveling out of the country as a high schooler and fell in love with exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning about the local culture. Traveling brings me joy and has taken me all over the world at only 25. I strive to share my travel journey to show you it’s possible to see this wonderful world at any stage of your life, with any budget!

About My Blog

On What Morgan Does I strive to provide you tips & tricks, travel guides, and inspiration to help inspire and equip you to explore this beautiful world! In 99% of the pictures you see on here, my husband is behind the lens.

My Home

I am a Florida native and I love living in the Sunshine State! We are surrounded by beaches and a plethora of outdoor activities. I enjoy taking our Jeep to the beach to watch the sunset, rollerblading, and visiting the beautiful parks throughout our State!

My Work & Hobbies

I work in Software Development by day and co-own a polymer clay accessories shop by night. (shameless plug: @thekindredspiritsshop). In all the time in between I am an adventure enthusiast exploring this magnificent world with my Husband Greg and writing about said adventures!

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